Leadership and Management Coaching 
Do you want to be more effective in your work life – and want to pursue an individual form of learning that is relevant and timely to your professional development needs? Do you want specific, discreet help with improving your performance and working relationships to progress your unique purpose as a leader? If so, find out more about my leadership and management coaching here.

Is this right for you?
This program is right for you if:
  • You are a leader or manager who is committed to developing your personal leadership, performance competency and capacity
  • You are involved in a major change and need new ways to deal with situations
  • You are managing conflict and want to have constructive conversations that build productive relationships
  • You need to develop new approaches to managing your staff, your boss or your board
  • You want more balance between your work and private life
What you will get?
The coaching program provides a number of benefits, including:
  • Discreet, relevant and timely solutions specific to you and your problems
  • Fresh perspectives on your personal challenges and opportunities
  • A greatly enhanced self- understanding and self-confidence
  • Improved thinking and decision making skills
  • Enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, personal resilience and performance capacity
  • Better communication and the ability to positively influence, especially in dealing with challenging people and situations
  • Increased ability to have constructive conversations that build productive relationships and collaborative practices
According to the 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study, companies that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have seen a median return on investment of seven times their initial investment. Individual clients reported a median return on investment of 3.44 times their investment. Research into coaching shows it is used as an effective technique for leadership and management learning and development. It is a continuous interactive process that addresses motivational, content and context concerns associated with leadership and management.

What can I offer?
First, I have over 25 years’ experience in leadership and management in government and the community sector. So you know you’re getting somebody who practices what she preaches and can relate to your world. I do have some formal qualifications as well, including:
  • Diploma of Ontological Coaching
  • Doctor of Business Administration ( see my thesis)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management and Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
  • Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors
Most importantly, I love coaching and I have worked with many clients just like you over the past 10 years. Every client is different, but I always get a thrill out of seeing them grow and develop their skills and relationships – and achieve their goals.

How does the coaching program work?
Coaching conversations are normally held monthly (face to face) and last for an hour. In between our conversations, you also have access to me by phone or e-mail. We work on agreed objectives and goals, which you identify. We focus on results, and you can expect significant behavioural change and sustainable progress with 4-12 hours of coaching. Of course, everything we do together remains private and confidential.

Why is this so important now?
I see so many leaders and managers completely stressed out and overwhelmed. They get to the point where they’re so overscheduled; they’re not enjoying themselves anymore. Even worse, they’re not fully present for their staff and clients and this can have a real, negative effect on the bottom line.

Your own development is more crucial today than ever before, you cannot afford to waste time worrying, procrastinating or thinking the problems will go away. 

Now is the perfect time for you to spend time developing and implementing a plan that can save you time and energy. Your needs may not be urgent, but I am sure they are important. If you don't do anything the consequences could quickly get unpleasant and costly, and your work life could become unbearable.

Please call me 0419 942 185.


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