Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Stories from the Heart Tales of Courage

Excited to announce that a project that has been very close to my heart over the past few months has just launched. Stories From The Heart™ Tales of Courage is now available for sale. The book is a collection of twelve true stories told by incredible women all on the theme of courage. Many thanks to Lisa Evans for inviting me to participate as one of the women sharing a story of courage. 'Changing Hat's is my story about the courage to educate myself in order to support my family. A tale of the various hats I have worn and a tale of who the heroes where along my journey. The other amazing authors include Claudette Pope Grace Najean Karina Barrett Mary Chetcuti Mavis Carruthers Michele Gennie, Melanie Chatfield, Ai-Mei Nguyen Pip Brennan Cushla Lovejoy and Lisa Evans The book is a real celebration of the human spirit and what incredible courage people have in their everyday lives. If you would like to purchase a book contact me by phone 0419942185 or email