Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Better Relationships with Those You lead

2nd Addition
About the Book
If you’re a leader or manager, on a daily basis you make important decisions that set the strategic direction and determine how your organisation will build your competitive advantage. You need to be able to thrive in a dynamic, changing global economy where you are a creator, contributor and solution provider. Therefore your skills, knowledge and experience are critical to your organisation’s success.  

Evidence suggests that many of the work/life problems faced by leaders are due to poor communication and poor relationships between people. In dealing with these problems is has been shown that leaders learn more effectively when they use their day-to-day work/life problems as the content of their learning. 

This book draws on these two key points and offers an approach that enables you to use your work/life problems to develop your capacity to create high-quality conversational skills and develop high-quality relationships. Both of which are central to being an effective leader.  In this book I present two key levers that you can use to shift your thinking patterns in order to manage yourself and lead others. 

Who Is This Book For?
This book is for you if you are working in your own business, leading a company, or working in the public service or the not for profit sector.  You may be a board member, a staff member, a volunteer or a contractor. You may be managing one person or 50. You may be the CEO, a member of the executive, a manager, a first time coordinator or a staff member. You may be managing volunteers or a call centre or you may be managing yourself.

What’s in the Book?
This book provides a practical guide for leaders and managers to help develop a range of skills and practices to improve business performance. The focus of the book is on human interactions, constructive workplace conversations and developing productive working relationships. 

It includes Nine Reflective Activities and Ten Tools to facilitate learning, problem-solving, self-management (so you don’t get in your own way!) and how to work effectively with others (even when they may be interpreted as ‘Difficult’). 

It also presents five real workplace case studies to show how to put these tools into practice in a range of common workplace situations. The case studies include: managing underperforming staff, workplace bullying, managing your boss, developing workplace trust and managing the workplace.

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  • Title: Better Relationships With Those You Lead
  • Author: Dr Nicky Howe
  • Publication date: June 2016
  • ISBN- 9780992359911
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Monday, January 15, 2018

Savvy Speaker Points us in the Right Direction

Lisa Evan's book 'Speaking Savvy' is a terrific practical guide on how to develop your skills at writing and then telling a compelling story. It teaches you through a simple and clever approach, easy to follow, this book has a great foundational strategy, methods and processes to get you started and to help you improve your storytelling.
But it is much more,  what I really liked about the book was the series of short stories weaved in between all the practical, real-world advise.

True to her word, Lisa Evans tells a good story, in fact so good she had me in tears and she made me laugh. I don’t want to be a spoiler but as Lisa says, every story has to have emotion and Lisa certainly touches your emotions.

I found the various sections informative, practical and I loved all the useful props, visuals aids and checklists.
Lisa makes some poignant notes about the use of power point and committing to the audience to provide value as opposed to hiding behind lecterns and tools.

She makes you realise that you have to do the work and make the commitment if you want to be good at your craft. I loved the phrase ‘learning to play your human voice’. Like all good musicians, this means to practice and Lisa clearly practices what she is communicating.     

I think anyone who wants to improve their storytelling, be that writing, speaking or both this book is a must – readers will gain much from taking the time to both read and implement Lisa’s suggestions.