Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lessons from a Story Teller Recruit

Over the last few months, I have been working with Lisa Evans from Speaking Savvy to develop my storytelling skills. I love telling stories and realised that a key way from me to leverage my messages as a CEO, coach and community leader was to get better at storytelling.
I attended Lisa’s storytelling workshop and then engaged her as my speaker coach. I attended a full day workshop, coaching session, and zoom meetings. Before too long I found myself in front of a packed room of people who had come to listen to people tell their story at ‘Stories from the Heart’, a live storytelling event, with all profits from ticket sales going to charity.
The theme was ‘One Day Can Change Everything’.  Now before I go any further I must share with you some of my key learnings
1.       Tell a true story. Nail the Story Plot. Choose a story that is real, you will have many stories for any number of situations you have found yourself in. Choose a story that people can relate to, understand and enjoy.
2.       Take the time to prepare. Take the time to learn how to tell a story. Lisa gave me a great technique and I practiced and practiced and practiced. I recorded myself and listened to how it sounded and my dog Giles heard my many attempts.
3.       Do not hesitate to remove parts of your story. I had too much, it became confusing, Lisa helped me to remove bits that were not adding anything.  Ask yourself, ‘Do I need to tell this piece of the story this time? Is it critical?’
4.       Develop a way to remember the story. I used a visual map. Lisa has a number of great techniques to help with this.
5.       Use a strong and confident voice. Even if you don’t feel it! As Amy Cuddy said ‘fake it till you make it’. Speak with clarity and confidence. Enunciate and project your voice towards the listeners.
6.      Use good pacing. When I started practicing I rushed. I realised I needed to speak slowly enough so that the story is easily absorbed by the audience…but not so slowly that their minds check out.
7.      Have a key message.  Lisa showed me how to develop this and how to make it ‘sticky’.

So what was my story? It was when I joined the army reserves and how I met Ms. Dee Termination.
The video will be out in a few weeks so you can check it out, but I will leave you with a picture to set the scene.

If you need support to become a better storyteller I highly recommend Lisa Evans at Speaking Savvy

Photo credit Pille Qrabat

Come along to the next Stories From The Heart event on 3 December 2017. All profits go to charity. Tickets available here


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