Sunday, August 16, 2015

10 Benefits You Will Gain from Being on Retreat

Instead of working, cleaning, running, searching, working, climbing the corporate ladder, organising, feeding the kids, shopping, planning…a retreat can support you to just ‘be’. 

The retreats I co-facilitate are women-only retreats. I am committed to supporting women to share their stories, recognise, access and acknowledge their strengths and to learn new ways to accept self and others with kind and compassionate eyes. 

We can learn so much from each other, here are 10 reasons to attend our next retreat:

  1. Targeted theme: our next retreat is about Acceptance. The energy devoted to resistance, denial and repression may have short-term benefits but is ultimately self-defeating. Acceptance isn't passive but an active and challenging facing of reality, a place from which new options become possible. We support people to learn to use that energy for living life more fully.
  2. Peace and quiet: you get to go to a quiet bush location in the hills in Mundaring, far away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our retreats have lots of quiet time built into the daily schedule. 
  3. Silence: As an extrovert I know this can be a challenge – we like to talk, we want to get our money’s worth and meet new people. SILENCE can confuse us. Yet silence enables us to listen to ourselves and helps free ourselves from endless chatter – it taught me the value and pleasure of silence. 
  4. Coaching: our retreats usually have quite an important element that is central to coaching ‘asking questions that support learning’. As a qualified coach you get to experience the value of coaching conversations. 
  5. One-size-does-not-fit-all: our retreats have different themes however we offer small gatherings of 10 or 12 women. 
  6. Me-time: the weekend retreat is all about YOU. Forget work. Concentrate on you and just you. 
  7. Thinking: You do get a lot of time to think. So you can tackle a problem, solve an issue or discuss future plans with me or one of the other co-facilitators. 
  8. Learning: a retreat is chock-full of learning. From the retreat facilitators, from the other participants, from (and especially about) yourself, from the silences in between, and from your rested body. 
  9. A new you: you will be a new you when you come out of a retreat. You will not change completely, but something will have shifted or generated, or ignited. You will come out wiser, quieter, more balanced, thoughtful, full of energy, wanting to take action. 
  10. Mindfulness and Contemplation: thoughtful observation. How often do you just sit there and observe, think? At our retreats you will be guided through some mindfulness sessions.

Well it maybe you need 11 reasons - what about a Massage?, we enable you to schedule a massage during the breaks. It’s all part of the ‘me-time’ experience. Of indulgence, quiet time, wellness.
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