Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Emergen Members Demonstrate Conscious Leadership

Nine months ago I commenced on the journey of mentoring members of Emergen to develop up a Conscious Leaders Speaker Series. The first member Jenish Pandya took on the role of Team Leader and together we invited other Emergen members to help us. As a subcommittee of the Emergen Board, our charter is to create a Conscious Leadership Seminar Series. We didn’t want just any old speaker services – we aim to be creative, inspiring, empowering. We aim to develop purposeful leaders who can make positive change to our communities and our world. So we asked for people who would be:

  • Interested in developing their leadership skills
  • Be part of crew that inspires others through a Conscious Leadership Seminar Series
  • Work with others to make positive change
  • Be mentored and coached by a CEO
  • Create exciting events that empower, inspire and connect people
  • Increasing their professional networks

Cleris Yee Pei Wong, Lina Singogo, Jayashree  Mayekar and Kanyanta Chipanta each took up the challenge. Together we created our first event that was held a few weeks ago “How to be a Conscious Leader” presented by renowned keynote speaker Alan Sieler.
As I reflect on our team conversations about ‘What is Conscious Leadership?’ I realised conscious leadership has been developing in front of me.
The following are the traits of conscious leadership and what I saw demonstrated in each of the forenamed amazing people:

  • Deep listening to each other to understand and be understood
  • Respecting each other as legitimate human beings and who are unique
  • A willingness to declare what they wanted to learn and what they could teach each other
  • An overwhelming commitment to doing what they each said they would do
  • Creativity around team building and using technology to connect team members who cannot physically attend meetings, who live in another State and operate in different time zones
  • The courage to stand up and put yourself forward to be Master of Ceremonies
  • To learn  how to get over stage fright and impress everyone with magical charisma
  • The resolution to do what needs to be done to achieve a result

My thanks to Jenish, Yee Pei, Lina, Jay and Kay for teaching me about conscious leadership!  

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