Monday, November 11, 2013

Presidents Challenge "We" rather than "Me" a key for Conscious Leadership

On a recent trip to Singapore I found myself taken by this billboard. For those of you like me who have trouble with the small print, the four billboard themes are:
  • Donate - directly or participate in fundraising activities
  • Venture - into businesses that serve social causes and be eligible for the President's Challenge Social Enterprise Award
  • Volunteer - our time or skills to help the less fortunate
  • What - are we doing to show we care
This is Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam plan to build momentum on two initiatives he started in 2012 - the President's Challenge Volunteer Drive and the President's Challenge Social Enterprise Award.

Fundraising continues to be at the heart of President's Challenge. However, I was told by the hotel concierge that the campaign has now gone beyond people giving money, Singaporeans are giving of their time, skills and talent for the less fortunate. The President's Challenge Volunteer Drive is an event where individuals, schools and organisations are encouraged to participate in a host of programmes and volunteer activities. The President's Challenge Volunteer Drive aims to help people to understand the critical needs facing the less fortunate in Singapore. At the same time, they can experience the satisfaction of volunteerism.

The prestigious President's Challenge Social Enterprise Award recognises outstanding social enterprises, be it existing social enterprises, start-ups, or social enterprises managed by youth, for their contributions made to the social service sector.

You may say well there is nothing new here - we Australians volunteer our money, time, skills and talents, and I agree many of us do.

We also see social enterprises throughout our great nation.

But what struck me was President Tony Tan Keng Yam's leadership.

From my perspective he is seeking to engage people by putting these ideas 'on the streets of singapore'.
Whereby creating conversations. He is seeking to create communities that care. He is asking people to think about 'We' rather than 'Me' 

This is a key part of Conscious Leadership people first, and then profit.  

Conscious' leaders are defined as those who inspire and bring out the best in those around them, foster transformation, and manage beyond conventional profits. They embrace a role to serve the purpose of the organisation, or in this case his country,  to support its employees/citizens to create value for the company's stakeholders ...or the country.

So I invite you to consider what 'conscious leadership' means for you, how you can make a difference?.


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