Monday, October 21, 2013

Tips for Making an Effective Request

A request is asking someone to do something, or inviting someone to help/assist you or gaining cooperation. You make requests because you want to take care of your concerns, to get things done, to coordinate actions, to meet uour needs. 

One of the problems with requests is people often do not make them, instead they hint “I wish she would…” If only he did…”

If you are not making effective requests, you may be complaining to someone or demanding things of someone. There are at least two parties involved when we make requests, the person making the request and the person responding to the request.  We are all involved in making and responding to requests every day.  The issue is how effectively are you are at making requests and responding to requests?. The following 3 minute video provides Sieler's “Tips for Making Effective Requests” 

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