Monday, March 11, 2013

"Spending a weekend with young leaders – how lucky am I"

On the weekend I had the great privilege of participating in the Exceptional Young Leaders Retreat that Alicia Curtis ran at New Norcia for our Engaging Young Leaders in Aged Care Project.
The program was run over a weekend and gave me the opportunity to observe, interact and develop relationships with 18 Young Leaders. How lucky am I!

The following are my observations and experiences.
 Things I expected
  • young leaders are extremely warm, engaging and full of energy
  • Open to feedback, both giving and receiving
  • Young leaders are prepared to trust the various processes that we took them through and they engaged in all tasks and achieved the intended outcomes of every element of the program
  • They demonstrated a willingness to work with each other and their differences
  • Lots of listening, sharing and demonstrating their knowledge and own experiences
  • Keeping to time frames
  • Showed knowledge, skills and team work
  • Showed a level of maturity about their developmental needs
Things that took me by surprise
  • insightful around their own reflections during and after the various team and individual activities
  • their strong commitment to the various activities
  • level of strategy and planning
  • Challenged their own and others thinking
  • Demonstrated their values, virtues and strengths
  • What they identified as needing to undertake in order for others to develop a trust in them.
  • Their competitiveness
  • Their level of knowledge at the Quiz Night  
Things that I'll be taking back into my workplace
  • How good it is to work with a diverse group of people
  • Some new facilitation skills I learnt from Alicia Curtis
  • How you feel when you are the ‘different’ one...the importance of supporting people to feel they belong and have meaning and purpose
  • The importance of focusing on our values, virtues and strengths
  • Listening, listening and more listening
My pledge is to continue to advocate for these young people as I would be prepared to have them join a board that I was a Director on. 

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